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Company Overview

Eccam is an independent software engineering company based in Prague in the Czech Republic founded in 2004. Core competence is design and development of embedded software. Our mission is to provide clean, robust and reusable software solutions with the best possible support.

Our main customers are leading companies from automotive industry such as Alpine Electronics, Elektrobit and others which cannot be disclosed due to NDA.

Most complex projects for us were development and extension of 2.5D map rendering module during 2005-2010 (see Project References) . The software is used in few million cars in Daimler and BMW car lines.

Areas of Experience

  • Car Navigation Systems - NDS, map rendering, routing, visual guidance, traffic info, destination search, diagnostic, performance optimization
  • Embedded Application Development - Linux, WinCE, QNX, Android, Arduino, kernel drivers, bootloaders
  • Computer Graphics - OpenGL ES, GPU programming, navigation map rendering, optimization for embedded GPUs
  • User Interfaces - Qt, HTML5, Javascript
  • Computer Vision - objects recognition, tests automation

Our Team

Our engineers have been working with partners from different cultures from countries all around the world including USA, Germany, Japan and China. All engineers speak English.

Our team is carefully mixed from graduates from top Czech technical universities up to engineers with 15+ years of experience.

Eccam s.r.o.

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