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Selected Project References

Automotive Navigation Related Projects

2017-2019, Automotive Tier 1 Supplier: Passenger Monitoring (R&D project)

Our responsibility was to create realtime application prototypes allowing monitoring and tracking of car passengers via internal camera. It involved usage of neural networks which were designed and trained by our team.

Technologies: Python, machine learning, neural networks
Team size: 3 engineers

2013-2018, Automotive Tier 1 Supplier: Hand Sensing Application (R&D project)

We developed hand tracking, gesture recognition and driver monitoring solution for a specific embedded HW.

Our task was to turn the idea into algorithms working in a real outdoor environment. Then implement all on the target device including interfacing with other HW and SW components and provide a system with low-latency realtime performance.

Technologies: C++, Python, Linux application and kernel development, machine learning, neural networks, microcontroller programming, circuit design and manufacturing
Team size: 5 engineers

2007-2010, Alpine: Map and Visual Guidance Module for BMW Cars

Map & Guidance View

We developed a map rendering engine and integrated it into an OEM navigation system developed by Alpine.

Our full responsibility was to manage requirements, architecture, design, implementation, and communication with the customer.

The engine was based on our previous project for this customer. We added support for customer specific visual guidance in head-up display and other specialized displays.

Technologies: C++, Boost, C#, UML, Perl, OpenGL ES, WinCE 5.0 for Automotive, IBM Rational DOORS
Team size: 5-8 engineers

2007-2010, Alpine: System & Utilities

We defined and maintained system libraries for navigation, implemented logging and diagnostic subsystem used by car OEM head unit applications. Key goal, which we successfully achieved, was high robustness of logging during high head unit load and for non-reliable logging channels.

We implemented also tools which helped to speed up bugfixing process for performance and stability issues of the whole navigation system, e.g. callstack reporting on exceptions, threads deadlock detector, system load and memory usage logging in time, etc.

And finally, we designed a log replay mechanism which allowed reproduction of critical stability problems from logs.

Technologies: C, C++, COM, ATL, MFC, UML, WinCE 5.0 for Automotive
Team size: 2-5 engineers

2005 - 2007, Alpine: Map Module for Mercedes Cars

Map & Guidance View

We developed from scratch a new map module and integrated it into a car navigation system developed by Alpine for Daimler cars.

Team was fully responsible for managing requirements, defining architecture, design, implementation, and communication with the customer.

We developed flexible solution which was easy to customize for further projects and guaranteed high performance during advanced animations using perspective transformations.

Several generic solutions developed by our map team (command processing, shared memory management, synchronization, lock-free broadcaster, etc.) were reused in the whole navigation system.

Technologies: C++, UML, OpenGL ES, WinCE 5.0 for Automotive, Perl, IBM Rational DOORS
Team size: 5-7 engineers

2012-2015, OEM Tier 1 Supplier: Performance Optimization

Performance Optimization

Our consultant helped a Tier 1 navigation system supplier with performance analysis and optimization of his map rendering engine for most critical usecases such as system startup, map zooming, scrolling and map display during route recalculation.

Technologies:WinCE, QNX, Embedded Linux
Team size: 1-3 consultant

2010-2015, Automotive SW Maker: Outsourcing Navigation Engine SW Developers

Our SW engineers are tightly integrated into customer navigation software development teams in following functional domains: address input, map rendering, TMC, DB compilation and speech user interface.

We provide know-how and software development services both onsite and offsite from Prague.

Technologies: C++, C#, OpenGL, SQLite, NDS
Team size: 6-8 engineers

Navigation Data Standard (NDS)

2012-2020, NDS Assotiation: SQLite

We are responsible for configuration management of SQLite and related SW modules for NDS consortium. We developed integration tests for SQLite JDBC driver and SQLite native libraries.

Technologies: Java, SQLite, NDS
Team size: 1 engineer

2011, 2013, NDS Association: Performance Investigation Framework

We designed and developed a framework for performance evaluation of NDS data format on a reference target platform. We implemented performance tests for address and POI search.

Technologies: C++, SQLite, Boost, Android, Embedded Linux, NDS
Team size: 4 engineers

2013-2020, NDS Association: Data Description Language Compiler

We worked on extensions and optimizations of compiler of Data Description Language used for map Navigation Data Standard (NDS) format.

Technologies: Java, SQLite, C, C++
Team size: 1 engineer

Linux BSP & Drivers

2013, Broadcasting Stations Manufacturer: Linux Driver Development

We adjusted Linux drivers for proprietary FPGA interface and RS485.

Technologies: Linux Kernel
Team size: 2 engineers

2010, OEM Tier 1 Supplier: Sofware Update in Bootloader, GPS Chip Service Layer

Our responsibility was to design and implement a reliable software update for car head unit from SD card and DVD within a bootloader component.

The second task was to design and develop service layer for a new GPS chip as a part of complete navigation system.

Technologies: C
Team size: 1 engineer

2011, OEM Tier1 Supplier: Audio Terminal Mode

The goal of the project was to develop audio client application which received and played RTP audio stream. We implemented also the testing RTP audio server.

Technologies: C++, Linux
Team size: 1 engineer

2010, ALBUMteam: Firmware Development

ALBUMteam Portable Photo Viewer

Our customer was introducing new version of its portable photo viewer product Album2. Our responsibility was to deliver the complete firmware solution including components communicating with the drivers, open-source libraries and the HMI application.

We also adapted Linux kernel drivers for display, audio and other devices.

Technologies: C++, Linux Kernel
Team size: 2 engineers

Art & Interactive

2014, Software Support for Archifon III

Archifon III - Linz, Austria was audiovisual and architectural installation by Tomáš Dvořák (Floex) and Dan Gregor (Initi), turns Mariendom’s windows and walls into a virtual musical instrument. It can be played with laser pointers, which activate acoustic and optical elements mounted at various stops on the façade.

We implemented part of the interactive visual installation and improved laser tracking software for outdoor conditions.

Technologies: C++, OpenCV, Openframeworks
Team size: 1 engineer

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