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Agile Software Development

Complexity of embedded systems is increasing every year. Therefore, in order to achieve maximum flexibility of software development we adapted agile software development process Scrum and the best practices from extreme programming (XP).

Online Access to Project Plans

Our customer becomes an indispensable part of the development team. Customer actively participates on definition of requirements and acceptance tests, continuous clarification and prioritization of requirements.

We give our customers access to the latest project plans which allows customers to check the real project status any time. It also increases mutual trust and understanding during the cooperation which has positive impact on development quality and productivity.

RTC Planning Dashboard

We provide online access to the following services:

  • Requirements and acceptance tests definition
  • Project plans
  • Change management and issue tracking
  • Source code repository
  • Traceability of requirements to tasks, tests and source code
  • File sharing
  • Instant messaging communication

Agile Project Planning

The development is done in the repetitive iterations of typical length 1-4 weeks. A the start of each iteration customer chooses requirements achieving the maximum business value. We then create together iteration plan by decomposition to tasks for the development team. The development team can then concentrate on the iteration goals and achieve the maximum productivity.


  • Boosts development effectivity
  • Reduces development costs
  • Tight cooperation and effective communication
  • Real project status
  • Fast delivery of most valued functionality
  • Flexible reaction on requirements changes

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